those jokes aren’t even funny.

it’s bullying.
don’t spend time on something that’s not worth it.
do something productive instead.
don’t worry about something temporary.

i feel so, so sorry for prince.

this _cbesse dude is a complete lie. he’s lying about the kiks, the tattoos on his hand (he has a tattoo on his RIGHT hand, not left hand) he horizontally flipped the last picture to ”prove” he has a tattoo on his left hand. false. and he is NOT 17 years old. either 18 or 21, because he went to a strip club february 2nd.

Or did he mean the ad libs Prod sings during the last chorus?

Because that’s as passionate as it gets in the song. It’s very heartfelt, though. There’s emotion behind it. :) That indeed is a nice touch.

I listened very well but I don’t seem to hear it…

My previous post wasn’t meant to come over as negative. I was just surprised. :)

can we just all take a moment and talk about the fact that prodigy’s vocal range is absolutely amazing.

easily using that MJ soft voice then dropping down low. i like that right there!

all those fact twitter pages are fake. trust me.

if you believe it, please don’t be that gullible.

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